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I read Nick Turpin’s article here. It really got me thinking about what type of photography I like and what the differences are. Turpin says there’s fine art, street and documentary.  At first I thought that documentary goes well with street, but thinking about it more I realized it’s quite different. In documentary photography I don’t capture society, I just document a trip or an event. I would…

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Getting a decent scan from negative film

Getting a decent scan from negative film

To say the least, scanning film has been driving me nuts. I don’t like paying the lab to do it as the results generally are far from satisfactory. My pictures come back over saturated, over sharpened and incorrectly cropped. I started scanning my film with a Nikon D7100, a Nikkor 40mm f/2.8 micro DX lens and a Nikon slide copying adapter


and I got decent results for black and white film as…

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And it continues to rain in Tokyo…!

And it continues to rain in Tokyo…!

localized rain in Tokyo!

localized rain in Tokyo

We entered the raining season last week and I thought it would be a good time to try high speed black and white film. Last week I experimented with Delta 3200 shot at EI 6400. That time I went out at night and just shot in P-mode at 6400 ISO. After some consultation on I decided to develop the film in Ilford’s Microphen, which yielded OK results considering I…

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Kodak film doubled in price in Japan!

Kodak film doubled in price in Japan!

BicCamera and Yodobashi camera are the two biggest electronic stores in Japan. Both of them usually still carry a large selection of film.


Yodobashi Camera Film Cooler

Yodobashi Camera Film Cooler – (from Google Images)

This week I wanted to get some more Kodak Portra 400, which I am running out of right now. I checked at two BicCamera stores and neither one had any left. I finally went to Yodobashi’s flagship store in…

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Raining Season - Taking pictures in the rain

Raining Season – Taking pictures in the rain

梅雨 – Tsuyu or Bayu – the raining season in Japan.

Summers are hot and humid, winters are long, cold and windy. The only really nice seasons are spring and fall in Japan. Unfortunately spring is cut short by allergies in the beginning and Tsuyu at the end.
This past weekend we officially entered the raining season in Tokyo as it was announced on the news in Japan. And it really came down that…

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Buh Bye! / 出発のとき。

What a cool photo!! 1 month ago / 5 notes

Buh Bye! / 出発のとき。 1 month ago / 5 notes
Alex Saberi – Photographer of the Week
He’s a photographer for National Geographic yet his photos are unlike any other wildlife photographers I’ve seen because of his beautiful combination of his subjects and fine art. From the strength of a simple, singular swan to a triangle formatio…

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New Years resolution.

All time spent on facebook in 2013 to be spent on stackoverflow in 2014.

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That time we hiked to the frozen waterfall at midnight …

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Another beautiful morning in Tokyo! Winter in Japan is awesome! 7 months ago / 2 notes
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